Summertime and the music is thick on the ground

My summer musical itinerary is currently looking something like this:

11th October – Husky* at the Corner Hotel
12th October – Regurgitator plays Unit and Tu-Plang at the HiFi Bar
9th November – Radiohead in Brisbane
17th November – Radiohead in Melbourne
6th December – Spiritualised at the HiFi
7th December – Primal Scream at the Palace
(You may have January off to drink beer and bitch about the heat before…)
15th February – Godspeed You! Black Emperor
16th/17th February – All Tomorrow's Parties
3rd March – Soundwave

* So I hear these guys signed with Sub Pop and are now available in the US and places. That means you should get into them because they make splendid noise with all the musicality (including delicious harmonies) of folk and a hefty helping of prog complexity.

What am I missing? Well, we don't have Harvest tickets, despite really enjoying the vibe of the festival last year, because it's irresponsibly in the middle of Radiovember. We were really hoping for Sigur Ros sideshows, but they're only playing Perth and Adelaide on the side (presumably because they're doing a whole second showing of the festival in Melbourne) and anyway we probably would've been in the wrong city at the time. Bummer. (We also declined to Big Day Out this year because there wasn't anyone we HAD to see, just lots of “and while we're there those guys are great” bands. I remain on the lookout for YYYs sideshows.)

Is this all getting a bit out of hand? HELL NO. Bring it on, musical universe! I can totally take more.

(One day I should perhaps talk about how I say, “Oh, I'm taking two weeks off in November,” and my workmates say, “Oh, lovely, where are you going?” and I say, “To see Radiohead. Multiple times.” And then I do these ones – \m/ \m/ – and they look perplexed and change the subject. But that's pretty much the story right there.)

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The social benefits of hairdressing

I got a fabulous haircut the other day.

Not only did I get tidy, saucy, pink hair out of it, but it involved media interactions outside my usual sphere, which is always a pretty entertaining part of my hair-salon experience. I do not – by conceited and socially awkward choice – interact a lot with “normal” people. I'm a bit better at this now that I work in an actual workplace, but still, my friends, in both virtual and physical spaces, are delightfully weird in various shades that complement my own oddities. Our media and issues and people of interest do not often coincide with those of the mainstream. So my two hours in the hairdresser are often an interesting window on a completely different world.

This window was particularly entertaining.

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