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We moved into our house (“to the country”, Mr Dee calls it, mostly because there is now grass instead of road and pavement, the sound of lawnmowers on the weekend, actual pets; ignoring the fact that we are still in zone 1) nearly two years ago now. When we first sat down with the designers to start planning the house, some two years before that, the first thing they asked me was, “What's the one thing you want? Why are you building this house?”

I said, “Because we've had to stop buying books because there's no room. I want bookshelves. I want a whole room of bookshelves.”

(They looked at me like I was a really strange person. I get that a lot.)

A girl and her bookshelves )

The next problem? Bookends. I cannot believe how difficult they are to find, and suddenly we need ten of the damn things…

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    1. I think we finally surprised some in a corner of a Myer or DJs somewhere, but they were even less cheap. It occurs to me now that the larger sort of post office might stock that amidst its other nonsense, but I think wherever you find them, they’re going to be “decorative” and therefore as expensive as putting “wedding” in front of anything. :)

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