It's the trivial problems that make me laugh in the middle of the street

I have a problem, of the quintessentially “…and?” variety that is sometimes (slightly problematically) defined as “first-world”.

My preferred coffee-and-morning-munchy shop gives you a little chocolate meringue with your fix. This is delicious, and clearly not my problem, except inasmuch as it's one tiny bite and you're left going, “…more?” (There was a chap in there the other day asking for “no chocolate on top” and they said, “do you mean chocolate dust, or the meringue?” and he said, “oh no no no, I want ten of those things,” and I mentally toasted him with my coffee cup and said, “Amen, brother.”)

My preferred coffee-and-morning-munchy shop has changed the style of their takeaway coffee cup lids. This is my problem.

This is a problem because previously, the lid had a sort of raised rim all the way around the outside edge that – in its own sort of problematic way – allowed spillage to collect in a sort of puddle, but at least prevented it (all) splashing all over my wrist.

This is a problem because that raised rim also provided a place for the little chocolate meringue to nestle as I eyed it with covetous anticipation all the way back to the office. It had a wall to hide behind. It doesn't any longer.

This is a problem because it's been really windy – downright gusty, some days – in Melbourne recently.

And so there I was, standing in the middle of the street pouting like a toddler because the wind had just blown my chocolate meringue off the top of my now-flat coffee lid.

My life. So hard.

But still. I want, like, ten of those things. :(

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