Writing this week: 29th August 2015

This week I… was somewhat interrupted by an unwell Mr Dee, but still managed to get a fair amount done. My goal was to scene-outline Deadlands, and while I’m not quite finished, I’m nearly there.

In the process, I’ve uncovered a few more need-to-solves (which are highlighted for now on the outline) and a few more bumps in my initial chapter-outline that I’ve smoothed over at a scene level. These include places where the flow of story from one chapter to another looked good in brief summary, but once I teased out the details just wasn’t going to work. A few twitches see it put right. Payoffs for getting a little more detailed: now those glitches are solved before I get to the writing – or closer to it, because I’m sure I’ll find more as I write. It’s also been handy to note how often supporting and lesser characters are reoccurring. A brief note of “Events happen” having now been teased out into a more detailed description of what sort of events, and how they happen, I can see that character X and character Y are involved in the story a lot more than I had been expecting. This is good to know from the outset, so I can develop their details and relationship with the protagonist and other characters from early on – the more I do now, the less I have to try and wrangle in during revisions.

Next week I’m looking to… finish the scene outline, and solve the outstanding problems. Update my world-and-plot wiki as needed. In short, make sure I have everything I need to write smoothly once I get going. It’s tempting to push myself to get back to rough-drafting next week, but I want to make sure I don’t skim or skip over the problem-identifying and -solving parts. It’s tempting to do, because that’s the hard stuff and my brain is like water, seeking the path of least resistance. But that’ll just land me back in Stuckville further down the track, so I need to do the hard yards now.

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