Meanwhile, back on the hippo ranch… (aka doing November backwards)

Last week, I got a response from an agent I queried last year. This, in and of itself, was sort of spiffy, since I was batting at about 60% cricket-chirping silence in response to Boralos queries. As a (big) bonus, it was a “I really like your writing voice, but…” response. I've been getting quite a few of those. But I can't sell single-volume fantasy in Australia. But my list is full. But there's no action in the first chapter (being the last one that stymied me in conflicted inaction on the book). This one was “But it's too long at 180,000 words. Could you cut out 55-65k words?”

I considered that Actually, no, first I said, “HOLY SHIT!” (in the office; no one noticed) and then spent two minutes trading exclamation marks on the phone with my husband. During which I calmed down enough to say, “Well, I don't know. Can I?”

It's a writing challenge. Anyone who knows me in any sort of writing capacity knows how much I like those.

And so I am back on the horse hippo!

Yay, energy on a project! )

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