Less a new chapter, more a redrafting of familiar material

All right, let's try this cross-posting malarkey.

An orientation note to start: my dreamwidth journal is for writing. I discuss original things I'm working on, the process of writing, media consumed as it relates to the general business of creativity. I will also begin using this for general life-updates, in the hopes of inculcating in myself a mindset where writing is intrinsically tied up with my life. (Yes, I do play these mindgames with myself. What's more, I win.)

Recent renewed productivity (post wedding/moving/lifestyle-change-panic) has been assisted by everyone's new favourite thing, 750 words. Though I'm not really using it the way it says on the box. Personal ruminations on the Artist's Way )

…and on ruthlessly exploiting tools for your own uses )

And the most important thing, of course, is summed up nicely by this wonderful piece of advice.

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