Anatomy of a writing session

My workspace seemed particularly indicative of current trends tonight, so I thought I’d preserve it for posterity.

A still life featuring writing project and cat.
A brief guide for the new initiate:

A: Scrivener. Actual writing project thing! With words!
B: The Google Doc and accompanying chat window of my writing circle. We have been instituting a virtual writing circle (to go with our monthly workshopping meetings) whereby we show up at an agreed time twice a week, register what we hope to get done, and then sit in together in cyberspace and do it. The benefits of this are manifold, and I will expound upon them another time.
C: Zizou. “Helping”.
D: Zizou controlling device, for when she’s not even pretending to “help”.

(Yes, actually, the screen on this thing is enormous.)

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