About me

Diana Evans
Diana Evans was born in the tropics and raised on British comedy. Despite a deep and permanent fantasy-reading habit, she couldn’t pick an oak tree out of a police line-up. She lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband, a brand new baby, a neurotic cat and a cellar full of craft beer. To steal a line from Scott Lynch, she only writes because it’s heaps of fucking fun.

Dee has been writing since she realised that books were written by people (and weren’t just spontaneously generated by the library). Her unswerving devotion to fantasy fiction began when a stray trivia question in a computer game led to a librarian putting The Hobbit in her hands, and was cemented when another librarian (bless them all) gave her Pawn of Prophecy and she realised there was a whole genre of this stuff out there. (Later on she also discovered the fantasy reader’s curse – waiting for the next book – but by then it was too late.)

Being told firmly that authoring wasn’t a good bet for a steady career, Dee studied Asian history and international relations (those steady earners), writing a thesis on interpretation of Clausewitzian themes in mid-to-late-twentieth-century American military strategy that she barely understands anymore. She’s worked as an editor and typesetter for a small press, and as a communications officer for government IT reform. All the while, she was polishing her writing craft with over half a million words of fanfiction and roleplaying.

Fantasy fiction remains her first, deepest, burning literary love, for the scope and range and opportunity that it allows. While Dee loves Europe (especially their beer; don’t get her started on their beer) she particularly loves to read and write about worlds inspired by other, less commonly explored traditions and histories. When not writing, she’s probably asleep. Unless there’s cricket on.

Diana is represented by Kurestin Armada of P.S. Literary Agency and can be found on Twitter as @cupiscent. Come say hi.

to put the viscera (the guts, the emotion, the details) back in — a little like making sausage, more like finding that devil in the details and making him spin you a tale