Today's moment of cynical hilarity

In The Age today, Clare Cannon believes that young adult readers are unable to engage with the moral complexity of The Hunger Games as well as she can, a view which I should think anyone who's ever been a young adult reader might find a bit patronising.

What I found a little irritating and disingeuous was that she doesn't mention that the site of which she is an editor – – is dedicated to culling the available body of literary work down to those compatible with Christian values.

In visiting the site to confirm my suspicion of this fact, I noted the point that was actually hilarious, however: endorses The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. I am now extremely curious about where the recreational use of cocaine fits into Christian values, and why this was never raised during the seven years I attended Sunday School. (Though I do note that apparently the stories that comprise this volume may have been carefully selected so as not to include any untoward material – a story containing adultery was apparently pulled after the first imprint. So maybe it is the sanitised version of Sherlock's adventures, for those of a delicate and impressionable intellect.)

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