lotrips remix 2006 -- be afraid, be very afraid

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The Remixes - 2005

ainigma's Catch 22 (Practical Magic remix by Trianne)
algernonthemous's War Cries, Blaze of Glory, The Whole Fucking Lot (All Appropriate Action remix by Ainigma)
anatsuno's 37 (Penumbra remix by ipso_facto)
Azrhiaz's Before the Weight Can Leave the Air (Falling Up remix by Cesare)
Brenda's Creation (Reaction remix by Chaosmanor)
Cassandra's A Casket of Mismatched Jewels (A Couple of Mismatched Caskets remix by the larch)
Cesare's Second Sight (Double Take remix by frisbyg)
Chaosmanor's Temporary Absentee (Possibly Permanent remix by MSilverstar)
Dee's Fair Enough (Not Exclusively remix by yueni)
Eyebrow of Doom's Flint (remix by algernonthemouse)
frisbyg's Since We've No Place To Go (Once Bitten Twice Shy remix by Cassandra)
inbetweens's Missed (When It Settles remix by kiltsandlollies)
ipso_facto's Take One (Take Two remix ripsgirl)
Jo's To Comfort/Longing (Verisimilitude remix by Dee)
Kaydee Falls's Indistinct (Incomplete remix by Pippin's Peach)
Kilts and Lollies's untitled ficlet (Release remix by Jo)
lovewithapathy's Pacify (Masterpiece remix by Brenda)
MSilverstar's What With All This (Kaleidoscope remix by Kaydee Falls)
Pippin's Peach's Getting It (Thick remix by Inbetweens)
ripsgirl's Fear of Fridges (A Tale of Organic War remix by Spillingvelvet)
Rosemending's Sea Horn (SirenSong remix by lovewithapathy)
Shanalle's How Soon Is Now (Triangular Parallel remix by Zarah)
Sophrosyne's C-Series (Conversion remix by anatsuno)
spillingvelvet's Seafarer (Undine remix by Azrhiaz)
the larch's There's A Man In A Smiling Bag (Walking The Line remix by Shanalle)
Trianne's Close the Chapter (Losing Elijah remix by Sophrosyne)
yueni's Surrender (A Stillness, A Measure remix by Eyebrow of Doom)
Zarah's Cat (Mouse remix by Rosemending)