Shadow Baron bonus

I’m offering a digital gift for preorders (and library requests) of Shadow Baron, book 2 of the Burnished City trilogy.

I was going to make this a formal preorder gift offer. I made a little form for you to show me proof of your preorders and everything. But then I figured that requesting that your local library buy a copy should also count. I worried that I have left this quite late, and people may have mislaid their proof. And then I thought… but I love you all, even if you can’t do any of that, if you’re excited about my books!

The bottom line is: if you have preordered; if you have requested your library acquire; if you’ve reviewed Notorious Sorcerer or Shadow Baron anywhere; if you have talked about my books with friends, family and innocent passers-by; indeed, if you are just so excited about Shadow Baron that you came here wanting to get a sneak peek and some bonus notes about the book…

Then you are wonderful, and I am extremely grateful to you. You are why I’m writing these books. Thank you so much. ❤️

And you deserve that sneak peek and bonus notes about the book!

🎁 Download Shadow Baron – Annotated 2 Chapters here 🎁

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